Dog walking and pet sitting

Our Services


Dog Walking
One Hour - £10
Half an hour £7
Each additional dog £2
Before I take your dog for a walk I will come to your home to meet you and your dog, this initial meet and greet will be free. This just ensures that you and your pet are comfortable with me. The walk will begin when we get to our walkies destination, meaning that your dog will be out of the home for longer than the specified time, how long depends on how far away we have to travel.
Each dog has different needs, and I want to make sure your pooch gets exacty what he/she needs from me. If you have a large, boisterous dog with lots of energy to use up, I can take him for a run. Or I am more than happy to have a leisurely stroll with a older or ill dog. If you have a lonely pup, I will do my best to pair him/her up with a suitable playmate. But I also do one to one walks with any dog who prefers a more solitary lifestyle. My pockets will always be full of treats, and my bag of toys, so I can make sure your dog's tail never stops wagging.
  Pet Sitting
One Visit - £8
Two Visits - £12
Each additional pet/cage - £2 
I will always carry out a free meet and greet at your home, so that I can introduce myself to you and your pets. Pet sitting is a great way to make sure your animals are looked after whilst you go on holiday. Meaning you don't have to find somewhere for your pets to stay and don't have the hassle and stress of moving them around. They can stay in their own home comfortably. Visits usually last 30 minutes, in this time I will feed, play, cuddle and clean up after your pet. If you have more than one pet sharing a cage you won't be charge the £2 additional pet fee, this only applies if you have more than one cage that will need cleaning out. I will also carry out any small household tasks such as opening and closing curtains, and taking the bins out. 
I can care for all animals from dogs, cats, rabbits and other small fluffies, to the more exotic, spiders, snakes and birds.